Rental Industry

Rental Industry

Rental Contract Management

Baseplan's integrated equipment rental software means that contracts are centralized, allowing your business to maximize its profitability by ensuring invoice calculations are correct and done on time. Additional revenue is gained with automated CPI increases and excess usage billed.

Furthermore, Baseplan's integrated business accounting software gives you the ability to invoice all current contracts with audit reporting, advance on arrears billing and invoice consolidation via cycle billing processes.

Profitability and Utilization

Baseplan's ERP system includes equipment management software that provides utilization and total cost of ownership on individual, types, makes and models of your forklifts. It offers insights helping you decide on future directions with enhanced equipment tracking capabilities and delivering information. These features help to ensure capital is optimized by ensuring it is not tied up in poor performing stock and equipment.

Customer Service

Set up rate books by branch, customer and/or site while providing process control from enquiry and quoting, to reservations, deliveries, pick-ups, stand-downs and payment processing.