Baseplan Sales Module

Welcome to the Baseplan Sales Module

Covering all aspect of the sales process from initial enquiry through to procurement and onto delivery. Baseplan Enterprise is your complete sales system. The Baseplan Sales module covers everything from lead and prospect management in the CRM, including quoting, sales orders and invoicing the customer.

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Client Relationship Management

The Baseplan CRM is a customer relationship management system, built by sales people for sales people to ensure the success and productivity of your business. Our CRM Module provides a window to your business from a sales perspective by providing your sales team with invaluable information helping to ensure their success. With deep functionality, the CRM will become an integral part of your sales team and become a resource that they will want to use each day.

Sales Process Management

Our Sales Process Management can automate each stage of a client purchase on your company’s behalf. From quoting the equipment, through to delivery and invoicing, our Sales Process Management will handle it all. It will become your single source of truth when orders are placed and completed. Seamless integration with other modules of the Baseplan Enterprise package allows you to fully optimise all aspects of the sales process to secure the sale.


Having integrated enquiries, quoting and delivery processes allows for a more accurate sales forecast for the medium and long-term future. All forecasting is completed in real-time, allowing you the freedom and confidence to make informed business decisions.

Integrated with ERP

The Sales Module of Baseplan Enterprise allows for a seamless transition from sales to administration with complete accuracy from all aspects of the original quote. This insures that all specifications, pre-delivery information and finances of what was quoted are communicated precisely between your sales and delivery departments ensuring a successful fulfilment of the order.

Integrated with Mobility

Allow your sales team to be as productive on the road as they are in the office with mobility. This feature provides your sales staff with accurate information from your CRM like client history straight to their iPad, anywhere in the world. Along with ability to map nearby clients and to make note of possible leads during their travels.

New/Used Stock Management

Coordinate your new and used stock with a complete and integrated Pre-Delivery Wizard which manages the procurement, allocation and preparation of equipment for delivery to the customer. Control capital preparation workshop jobs with linked purchase orders for components for tracking of back orders along with fully automated WIP financial processing.

Baseplan Sales Module

Product Configuration

Our comprehensive product configurator allows for the creation of standard configuration of equipment (builds), leading your sales force with the standardisation of quoting across your business. Integrated features such as pre-set authority and discount limits help control the approval process and increase the efficiency and governance across the sales process.

Pre-Delivery Management

The Pre-Delivery Wizard (PDW) feature is your single source of truth, in one location, across all departments of your business. From the moment of sale to the point of delivery, the PDW keeps track of individual serial numbered stock items. Our PDW coordinates the disparate functions and procedures of processing a customer order between placing the order on the factory, tracking the shipping through to preparation, serial number allocation and ultimately invoicing the customer.

Transport Management

Integration with the Baseplan Enterprise Transport Management system allows for the planning, resourcing and execution of deliveries and pick-ups. Up-to-date real time information available that automatically refreshes and will ensure that the transport allocator has the most current data on hand at all times.

Sales Quotes/Proposals

Baseplan Enterprise sales quotes and proposal module is used to prepare and track the progress of capital equipment quotes and proposals. Create and track quotes for new equipment, trade-ins (including purchase price), finance options, maintenance options, rental and even rent to own contracts all inside of our easy to use interface.

This module has also been developed to allow you to author your own proposal templates to better reflect your sales process.

Electronic Quote Approvals

Once a quote has been approved, it is then managed electronically giving you full control over any modifications that are made to the sales quote after the fact. This process is fully integrated with your email system, allowing for full audit tracking.

Information like product change, technical approval, R&M negotiated approval, interest rate and residual value are all documented within this process.

Detailed Performance Analysis

Detailed Performance Analysis is available across the system using the high level of detailed data that is naturally accumulated through use of the system by your staff. This real-time information allows you to analyse key components of your business and make better informed decisions with confidence.

Order Tracking

Correctly tracking the movements of a purchase order is crucial to the successful completion of an order in a timely, professional and efficient manner. The order tracking module tracks the details of shipping including vessel, dock date, ex-factory date and container information. This information can be automatically updated from external systems.