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Baseplan Wins Softech Business Awards

The Softech Business Awards have been announced, and Baseplan Software is pleased to be the recipient of two awards. Commending leaders across a variety of industry sectors, The Softech Business Awards 2016 were launched to showcase the most innovative, dynamic companies that offer unique, versatile solutions and support to their customers. Baseplan is the proud…
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Changing Face of Software in the Hire Industry

Constant is the word that comes to mind when thinking about the changing face of software in the hire industry. I remember how cool I thought it was when we first replaced a manual stock management spreadsheet with an Excel one and then, when it was cutting edge to have stock management built into your…
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Mobility Software Advances to Benefit Business

With the development of improved technologies over the last 10 years, Field Service Mobility software is now delivering more powerful benefits to our customers. Mobility can be a big win, not only for a business but also its staff and more importantly its customers. The use of mobility software relieves staff from counter duties and allows them to engage more dynamically and productively with…
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