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Forklift businesses operate within a unique and complex industry. Baseplan Software has been tailored specifically to address the unique needs of forklift companies. Our total business management solution offers your forklift business the tools and resources it needs to succeed in an industry that is constantly evolving.

Using the one software system, staff gain full transparency from enquiry to invoicing. From sales, to asset management, to service and maintenance, down to accounting, Baseplan connects every department to streamline every aspect of your forklift business.


Eliminating reactive and manual parts replenishment, an integral part of after-sales service is Baseplan’s automatic spare parts management. Baseplan covers all aspects of parts management from counter sales, picking slips, and customer back orders, to integrated purchasing and replenishment based on consumption. Van stock is also managed in real-time. Advanced stock forecasting caters for planning of scheduled servicing requirements and the preparation of machines for sale in advance, seamlessly connected in real time across all facets of your forklift business.


Service Management is a complex business area and Baseplan has been built from the ground up to handle all of the processes of a Service department.

  • Breakdowns are managed from customer call logging, through prioritisation, planning and allocation to the technician and dispatching the job over the wire.
  • The Service module allows businesses to proactively manage the condition of their equipment through Service Scheduling, also known as Preventative Maintenance Plans.
  • Warranty and Preventative Maintenance are extensively covered with multiple scheduling and planning options and even the ability to manage OEM product recalls and field service bulletins (FSB’s).
  • Service Kits can be attached to a Service Schedule; each kit containing a list of activities required to complete the specific service. Estimated hours for labor can also be listed. (e.g., a 90-day service is estimated to usually take two hours).

Forklift Servicing Software


Baseplan Software gives you the ability to track and monitor performance against customer service level agreements instantly. Baseplan provides real-time integrated business KPI reporting, removing the need for manual reporting and providing management with the ability to continuously refine and improve business focus and increase customer satisfaction.


View extensive real-time utilisation calculations via a wide range of graphs, tables and charts. Baseplan software provides the ability to view all time and financial based utilisation with the confidence that Baseplan Enterprise is an ARA Metrics certified software package.

Utilisation analysis is available through our financial contribution analysis system which allows the user to drill down to individual transactions and also to see ROI and full costs of ownership such as service costs and depreciation compared to income. Data can be easily exported to Excel as required.

Book, tax, and finance depreciation is held concurrently on each asset in the Asset Financial Management system. Assets can be joined or split as required. There is also an automatic disposal process allowing for the quick and efficient sale of an asset when required. The assets register integrates comprehensively with both the General Ledger, Equipment Ledger and Accounts Payable Ledger (in respect to finance leases). Extensive functionality includes the ability to have sub assets, the capability to put a “hold” on depreciation and also to revalue assets as required with full audit trails.


Baseplan removes all operational delays due to manual invoice generation. Once the forklift is ready to be delivered, a Tax Invoice can be automatically produced with all of the specifications and details displayed. The forklift is also then updated in the Equipment Register for tracking of after-sales services and warranty management. An integrated Transport system also manages the planning, allocation, and delivery of the forklift to the customer. You can even create Pre-Delivery Invoices in advance for financing options. All completely out of the box.

Baseplan Mobile Apps


Increasing transparency and productivity, Baseplan’s Service Mobility and Transport Mobility apps keep drivers and mechanics connected at all times. The applications seamlessly communicate between mechanics and drivers in the field and allocators back in the office. Not only does this provide real-time, accurate communication around repair and transport details, it also provides up-to-date feedback on progress.

At the completion of a service or transport job, parts are scanned onto the job, labour details are entered, and the customer reviews the completed work order and signs directly on to the tablet or phone. All of those details (including any photos taken) are automatically sent back directly in to the service system for immediate review and billing. The mobility apps eliminate complex manual and paper-oriented procedures, allowing staff to engage more productively with customers. Complete, real-time, seamless communication with mechanics and drivers increases efficiency, reduces paperwork, eliminates errors, and improves cash flow.



Baseplan software is fully integrated across all five key areas within our software. This enables the leveraging of financial information across all areas, such as credit checking which is available in the rental and service modules and speeding up the data entry system wide. All financial transactions are recorded in real-time and linked back to the general ledger. The extensive integration keeps your departments connected and de-duplicates data entry by automatic and integrated processing of data between different areas of the system. This tight and extensive integration minimises loss of time and data between processes throughout your organisation.

A key advantage to using Baseplan Software is the fact it has a built-in financial package that comes standard. There is no need to integrate to a 3rd party accounting system and no additional monthly payments or time spent consolidating reports or information from two different software systems.

Some key financial functionality offered in Baseplan Software includes;

  • General Ledger is updated in real-time and as such displays and reports up to the second financial data. The comprehensive general ledger account numbering system allows for great flexibility in the set up and formatting of the chart of accounts in respect to departments, cost centers and different types of revenue and expenses.
  • Procurement optionally starts within the Request For Quote module which links together Accounts Payable with equipment specifications and allows for a cohesive process with respect to engaging suppliers for tender.
  • Budgets can be imported from Microsoft Excel and tracked in real-time against actual performance.
  • Multi-currency is supported throughout the system with respect to customer and supplier facing transactions. Foreign exchange adjustments can also be performed easily with revaluation adjustments automatically taken through to the general ledger.


Manage the entire sales life cycle from enquiry management to delivery of each forklift. Baseplan's Sales Quote module allows the selection and configuration of forklifts including factory options, dealer fit accessories and extras. Sales and Rental calculators provide multiple options for quoting and quotes can be printed and supplied to the customer straight out of the Baseplan system.


Forklift rental companies often need to manage both short-term or casual rental agreements as well as long-term or contracted rental agreements. Baseplan caters to both of these business models with extensive functionality around each agreement’s specific needs. Automatic price increases, stand-in management, utilisation and down time reporting are all well managed within the system. Service provisions can be automatically separated during billing as well as finance agreement management being linked to the contract. A full profit-and-loss report is available by forklift, contract, customer, and more.


Baseplan provides organisation wide, real-time integration and visibility across all facets of your forklift business, giving business owners the decision-making information they need to grow. With your sales, rentals, parts, service, and finance departments functioning co-operatively, Baseplan delivers the highest level of process control and visibility. From initial quotes through to invoicing, you know you’re receiving consistent, reliable data. Real-time integrated KPI reporting removes manual processing and potential errors, providing management with ability to continuously refine and improve the businesses focus.

Baseplan automates and connects all operations in your business; increasing productivity, reducing costs, and driving efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about our flexible payment options and find out how your forklift company, large or small, can benefit from Baseplan’s forklift business management software.

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For over 30 years, our business management software has been built with the forklift industry in mind. This means that Baseplan is fully equipped to help manage your forklift fleet, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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"Baseplan links all the operations of our business from our people in the field to our back office staff. For us, Baseplan Software has become a total operating system." -Bob Mules, General Manager


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Service Mobility Software

The Baseplan Service Mobility app connects directly to the business management software, providing comprehensive, real-time service management that tracks all service operations.

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