Mobility Software Advances to Benefit Business

With the development of improved technologies over the last 10 years, Field Service Mobility software is now delivering more powerful benefits to our customers.

Mobility can be a big win, not only for a business but also its staff and more importantly its customers. The use of mobility software relieves staff from counter duties and allows them to engage more dynamically and productively with customers.

While staff retain the ability to record and look up information instantly, customers are benefited with the ability to immediately secure items by placing an on-the-spot deposit with signing on glass, as well as fast access to service history data and receipt of rental contracts, all quickly and conveniently via email.

As a business, accurate data is the starting point for effectively measuring whether you are making the best use of your mobile personnel and fleet. A constant and systematic flow of quality data can be used to generate analysis reports of response times, downtime and service types. It can also expedite accurate and meaningful work reports, displaying the percentage of recovered labour for both internal and external service jobs, as well as the percentage of non-service job activities.

Baseplan Software’s latest FSM offering, which is available on Windows 10, handles preventative maintenance schedules, job dispatch, and allows technicians to process all aspects of service and repairs by giving them full access to parts availability, upcoming service requests and back-to-base service communications - all over the air.

As a market leader in the provision of ERP software solutions, Baseplan’s role is to embrace new technologies as they come to market and to evaluate them from the perspective of adding value or reducing cost to its customers. These technologies will then be embedded and interfaced within software to provide the best user experience where technology becomes a natural and productive part of the process - not a road block.

In the future, technology will become more and more seamless, to the point where it will anticipate our needs. Devices will become smaller and simpler in function, yet more complex in capability. Exciting times lie ahead and Baseplan looks forward to delivering modern software solutions that will accommodate new technologies, without compromise, to better benefit our customers – and theirs.

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