Allcott Hire

Allcott Hire using Baseplan

Baseplan Helps Allcott Manage Growth

"We have a lighter management structure and we don't have as many resources available to us, such as a large IT department, as some of our competitors do, but that hasn't been an issue with Baseplan Software. They make allowance for it when we've done these projects. They fit in with our business."
- Adam Watson, Business Development Manager.

Allcott Hire stands out as a prime example of the consolidation in the equipment hire and rental industry over recent years.

The name may be new - it was previously the Active Hire Group - but Baseplan Software has been an important part of the company's business toolkit since 2006.

Allcott Hire Warehouse

By January 2006, the group had engaged the services of Baseplan Software to take on the task of providing the hire system software. "I recall that project, because it was very rushed, as changeovers often are," Adam said. "You lose access to someone else's software system very quickly."

"Initially we weren't able to use all of Baseplan's features, but we implemented enough to get us up and running. One of the beauties of Baseplan is that it has so many features and options, but you only have to use what suits your requirements."

The group built up extensive experience with Baseplan, gaining confidence in its flexibility and the support organisation behind it.

"For us, the initial attraction was the fact that Baseplan had developed its software specifically for the hire industry," Adam said. "We knew it was used by some of the bigger players in our industry."

With Allcott Hire's commitment to dynamic growth and expansion, there are likely to be ongoing collaborations with Baseplan in future.

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