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Baseplan Integration Meets Linde's Needs

“Baseplan really has improved the data quality throughout our organisation. The data quality and availability has allowed our executives to make better, more informed decisions and has helped improve the performance of Linde generally.”
- Georg Bommers, CFO.

Linde Material Handling secures its prominent position in the Australian market by developing a strong customer focus and backing its advanced product range with comprehensive after-sales support.

It was during Linde’s search for ways to enhance its support performance that the company engaged with Baseplan Software. Six years later Baseplan is central to Linde’s operations.

Linde Material Handling service technicians

“One of the main drivers which influenced us to have a good look at Baseplan was that it had a strong rental and service focus in the product. In fact it was our understanding that was where the product originated from.”

“We could also see an important advantage for Linde and particularly for me in my role as Chief Financial Officer because of Baseplan’s high level of integration.”

“There was no need to have other software systems hanging off it. We don’t have to have a separate rental billing system and there’s no need for departments to run their own separate spreadsheets for anything.”

“From a data integrity perspective it is very important that everything goes into Baseplan and everything comes out of Baseplan. That’s what we aimed for and we’ve found it possible within the program.”

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