Baseplan Enterprise

Many companies are looking to invest in technology to help provide better customer service, more efficient operations and ultimately more profitable businesses. Baseplan Enterprise delivers all three by becoming the central nervous system of your business to offer a complete business management software package, customised to your industry and your business needs.

Baseplan Enterprise is a completely integrated operational and financial management software solution which is ideal for machine/equipment dealers and distributors, hire/rental businesses and fleet management organisations.

With comprehensive equipment sales, servicing, inventory, rental and transport management module functioning co-operatively with real-time financial modules, Baseplan Enterprise provides with the highest level of process control and business intelligence.

Complete Operations Management Software

From equipment maintenance to field service management, Baseplan Enterprise creates an unprecedented level of control over business processes and supply chain management in a fast and easy to use Microsoft Windows system.

Never before have business managers had so much control over processes or such easy access to important decision-driving information. Having the opportunity of seamless integration of operational module with financial management software gives Baseplan Enterprise customers a tremendous advantage over competitors.

ERP Solutions:

  • Multi-Company: Baseplan Enterprise has integrated financial management software, which allows for complex company structures are catered for with the ability to consolidate financial reports.
  • Multi-Branch: Any number of branches can be controlled, including time offsets for different time zones, branch profit and loss reporting, branch defaults, and inter-branch services such as equipment transfers.
  • Security Controlled Menus: Baseplan Enterprise offers detailed, role-based security methodology has been integrated to allow very granular security control. Users only see menu options they can access, reports they can run and form functions they are permitted to use.
  • Report Integration: The system allows for user reports generated in Crystal or SQL Reporting Services to be integrated.
  • Scheduled Reports: Reports can be scheduled to automatically run at certain times of the day when integrated with SQL SSRS and SharePoint.
  • Connectivity: A major benefit of the Baseplan Enterprise system is the way in which it can be connected to other systems providing further integration. Data can be exposed easily to external applications (security controlled) and the system can be connected to mobile data entry devices such as the in-vehicle terminal system.