Baseplan Implementation

Baseplan Implementation

Business Study

The first stage of implementing a new ERP system is to review your current business processes to not only identify problems, but also uncover opportunities for improvement, development and to document the main needs of each department.

The outcome of this business study is a project blueprint detailing the exact needs of the business and how the Baseplan business intelligence software will implement equipment industry best practice to ensure the outcomes are met.

Key objectives are to:

  • Identify any known gaps in functionality between Baseplan ERP Software and your business.
  • Identify your main goals and objectives for implementing the system.
  • Identify phases of implementation and what will be included in the initial go-live phases as well as what will be held back for subsequent phases.
  • Document current problems from an overall business perspective that should be overcome.
  • Come to a basic understanding around ideal timings and establish expectations within the business.
  • Identify any major areas of investigation that need to be followed-up after the initial Business Study.

Implementation and Configuration


Following from the business study, our team will guide you through a series of implementation and configuration workshops for your new Baseplan ERP system. Our implementation professionals will engage with your key staff, discussing any concerns and can talk with authority about the benefits of the Baseplan solution.

Data Conversion

Time and money can be wasted during the data mapping and cleansing process. Our expertise in the equipment industry and our customized software for equipment management means Baseplan technical staff understand your data and what it should look like. This significantly reduces the data conversion process and provides opportunities for not just converting, but improving the quality of your data.

Our ERP software suite offers data cleansing tools which allows us to validate and geocode addresses and equipment information, adding real value to the data conversion process.