Software as a Service

Software as a service

When considering the Baseplan ERP solution, there are a number of decisions including how many users you will require, the functionality to be implemented and more. However, with economies of scale and an increase in security of cloud computing, you now have another choice to consider: how are you going to deploy Baseplan – will you maintain your data on your own servers or will you have it hosted in an Australian-based cloud?

On Premises Baseplan vs Software as a Service

A major factor that will weigh into your decision between Software as a Service (SaaS) and the more traditional on-premises Baseplan Enterprise solution is cost. An on-premises Baseplan ERP solution necessitates a number of other licensing requirements including Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Service, Microsoft Terminal Services or Citrix and Microsoft Office.

Improve Bottom Line Results by Altering Your Financial Model

With software as a service, your IT budgets will allocate differently than a budget designed for an on-premises Baseplan Enterprise solution. Concerns about ongoing maintenance upgrades, hardware or trained staff, or how to budget for each of these different areas are redundant.

Treat Baseplan and Microsoft Office as an Operating Expense Instead of Capital Expenditure

SaaS not only allows you to preserve your cash and funding lines for other business requirements, in terms of cash flow you now have the power to alter your financial model in a positive way.

Growth Management

SaaS allows for flexible scalability as it will allow an organisation to do more than scale up or back when needed. It will allow you to better utilise smart technology, integrate software as a service across your organisation and proactively plan for growth.

Deploying Baseplan and Microsoft Quickly

An on-premises Baseplan ERP solution requires additional IT infrastructure and licensing. SaaS eliminates the need for your organisation to purchase the appropriate third party software needed to integrate, maintain and service a cloud infrastructure.