Field Services Software

Field Service Software

Field service management, increasing mobility

The Baseplan ERP solution offers field service software that provides comprehensive service breakdown system management that tracks all field service operations. Service calls are logged at the time they are received, with integrated processes around job allocation and dispatch. The call logging process assists staff with credit status, maintenance reminders, complaint handling and SLA requirements.

The Baseplan field solution offers:

  • Fast response and mobility is delivered through 'ruggedised' tablets eliminating the need for voice communication and manual job cards.
  • Jobs directly dispatched to the field, allowing for real-time feedback on job acceptance, location, time on-site and work carried out. This assists in the completion of detailed timesheets.
  • Ability to scan in parts consumed, providing detailed analysis on part replenishment and labour requirements.
  • The ability for photos, signatures and further work notes to be captured electronically while on-site.

Field Service Mobility

Baseplan Enterprise IVT, with live data communications between service technicians and base, provides return on investment and benefits to companies with a medium to large team of field technicians.

Ruggedized Tablet with FSM

Keeping your business on the move with these features:

  • Live (immediate) bi-directional communication with vehicles.
  • Electronic paperwork completed by technician.
  • Accurate inventory consumption and costing.
  • Job dispatch and acceptance.
  • Live tracking of vehicle location.

Mechanic Allocation Processing

Service calls are entered into the system in an unallocated state. Service controllers can view the queue of service calls and appoint the most appropriate technician based on location, skill and availability.

GPS Vehicle Location Tracking

GPS tracking allows the service controllers to see the location of service vehicles during the day along with their current status. Vehicle colours change along with the status to show if a technician is at lunch or already working on a service call.

Labour Utilisation and Analysis Reporting

Technicians scan or enter their labour on the fly directly into the terminals mounted in their vehicles. The information is required for accurate job card information and billing but it can also be used to analyse labour utilisation. Technicians enter service labour as well as other tasks including attend meetings, stock take and supervision.

Graphical KPI Reporting

Meaningful graphs and reports are dependent on accurate data. In-vehicle terminals allow technicians to record accurate time and attendance information of when a call was logged, when a technician arrived on-site and when the call was completed.

Accurate Parts Management via Barcodes

Inventory management in service vehicles is dramatically improved with the use of in-vehicle terminals. Parts are scanned as they are used on a service call and the information is transmitted immediately back to Baseplan Enterprise.

Workshop Terminal

In-Workshop Terminal (IWT)

Baseplan's In-Workshop Terminal (IWT) system can also be integrated with the service module in the same manner as the In-Vehicle Terminal system.

IWT provides enormous return on investment for companies with a medium to large team of workshop technicians performing both service and capital preparation of new equipment.

The key features are:

  • Devices are allocated to workshop bays, enabling two-way communication for job dispatch.
  • Multiple technician/multiple job allocation on the one terminal.
  • Accurate inventory consumption and costing.
  • Electronic paperwork completed by the technician.