5 Steps to Effective Forklift Fleet Management

Looking for effective ways to improve your forklift fleet management? We’ve compiled 5 important steps to help you achieve this!

1. Embrace ERP Software

In an age of rapidly improving and increasingly powerful technology, a significant first step towards effective forklift fleet management is acceptance of equipment/rental management software. This software often appears in the form of an integrated ERP solution, preferably one that is designed for your industry. It is important to be aware that ERP solutions and business intelligence software are not merely a trend, but are rather part of a vibrant and expanding technological landscape. The sooner your organization adapts to changes in technology, the better.

2. Organize your Fleet

Many issues in forklift fleet management begin as a result of a disorganized fleet. Some higher-level organizational categories to consider include vehicle maker and model. For more hands-on organization, you can track:

  • tire type
  • car mileage
  • date since last oil change
  • ...and other details.

Thoroughly organizing your fleet makes it easy to keep the fleet in top shape, as mechanics won’t need to hunt for information and can easily maintain a record of each unit’s repair history. An additional point in favor of fleet organization is tracking of unit age, which makes it easier to recommend removal and replacement of otherwise unsafe equipment.

3. Maintain Solid Inventory Levels

When thinking about forklift fleet management, it’s important to consider that a fleet consists of more than just the machines in a forklift business, but is also comprised of various parts that your repair team has in stock. An effective solution is the implementation of an inventory management system. Inventory management, the backbone of an outstanding supply chain, leverages technology to track inventory levels, make recommendations about purchasing supply, provide a reference point against historical inventory levels, and inform you currently held inventory is close to becoming outdated.

4. Communicate Effectively

The popular saying, communication is key, is especially true in forklift fleet management; to make for deeper communication, we recommend that you take things a step further and add trust. Recognizing the importance of what your forklift operators think is a step towards an effective operation, as they interact with the machines on a daily basis. Beyond intrapersonal trust, communication is critical for ensuring that everyone is in sync regarding expectations and schedules; a united organization is an effective organization.

5. Improve Continuously

The above four tips for effective forklift fleet management are powerful on their own but can be brought together to achieve the Japanese business concept known as kaizen, which refers to a distinct form of continuous improvement. Kaizen represents the idea that small changes over time, rather than large and drastic changes, are drivers of major improvement.

Embracing technology, such as an ERP solution, may not effectuate complete change overnight, but it does lead to a variety of small positive changes, which then result in significant business change over time. An example would be saving your workers five minutes of time a day. While it seems small on face value, this results in roughly fifteen hours saved per worker a year, a significant improvement in efficiency when observed across the organization.

Improving your forklift fleet management for a more profitable, more efficient business

While attempting to improve your forklift fleet management, often it helps to take a proactive approach. The reasons listed above will help you not only prevent problems from starting in your fleet but will also help you resolve existing issues.

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