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Shane Horvath

Director of Implementation Services

Started at Baseplan: 2012

"Having worked for major rental companies for more than a decade, I understand the issues that they face and how our software and services can help them operate more efficiently and effectively. I enjoy helping businesses do business better."

Backed by Baseplan Software’s technical team and in conjunction with the project management team, Shane Horvath liaises with clients to identify their issues and deliver productive system enhancements.

With a background in the rental industry, working with National Hire which then became Coates Hire, Shane has extensive experience as a client utilizing Baseplan Enterprise - which now serves Baseplan’s clients well.

Shane takes pride in his career achievements, having worked his way through the rental sector from motor mechanic to branch operations and into IT before becoming CIO of Coates Hire’s $2 billion business operation.

Shane enjoys being in the business of helping people ‘do business better’ and interacting with Baseplan’s diverse client base to help them analyze and improve their operations.

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