7 Industries With Equipment Rental Management Software Benefits

Equipment Rental Management Software benefits your business, a statement you have probably heard if you are in equipment rental. Most likely, you are skeptical about if it would really benefit your business. This is quite understandable, many of the software options out there aren’t equipped to truly help your business. But, if you are in one of the industries below, then getting an equipment rental management software in place is crucial to growth and success.

General Rental

Operating a general rental business involves a wide variety of operations. These operations can include high volume rentals, maintenance, deliveries, pickups, payment processing, you get the idea. With that many arms of the business, things can get overwhelming very quickly, and if one of the cogs in the machine stops working correctly your entire business can be put to a halt. Having a streamlined equipment rental management software in this situation allows you to manage everything quickly, and in one program.


Forklift Management

Large distribution centers, warehouses, and transport companies have one thing in common. They cannot run efficiently without forklifts to do the heavy lifting. Proper forklift fleet management is crucial to business operation in these cases, and can be mismanaged very easily. Equipment and fleet management software that can report on how your machines are operating at any given moment is paramount for keeping your operation running as smoothly as possible.


Construction Equipment

Construction sites are often on a hard and fast deadline that needs to be met, and nothing will get in the way of that more than equipment not being on site and in working order. Having an effective equipment rental management software in place will mitigate these problems, and hopefully stop them from happening all together. Organization is the key to making construction deadlines, and a great tool for this is a comprehensive software setup.


Aerial Equipment

High reach industries, such as utility companies and other construction focused companies need to have a handle on their equipment for success. From producing quotes for prospective clients to invoicing machine delivery, you need a software tool to seamlessly manage your business.



Looking out the window of many high rise offices, all you can see are cranes. Running a successful crane rental business involves many things, most importantly having a solid handle on who has rented your equipment and the real time location of the equipment. Inventory location and availability are key for providing rentals to new customers, and knowing your business’s limits. An equipment rental management software, especially one with a graphical calendar, allows you to track your equipment and its location. Solving these problems quickly and efficiently.



Running a large, or small farm, requires many hours of labor and more know how than people give credit for. It is a tough industry, where you are often at the mercy of mother nature. Technology isn’t something that is often paired with farming, but having equipment rental management software in place to keep track of maintenance and usage time on your agricultural fleet takes care of a worry before you even have it. Allowing you to focus on the crop and not the equipment used to make it happen.


Dealership Management

Running an equipment dealership has different business running pains than other industries on this list. As opposed to needing to know where your rental equipment is at all times, when operating a dealership you need to know the financials. At Baseplan we pride ourselves in the fact that our equipment rental management software fully integrates between sales and financial modules making it the perfect software solution for dealers needed a complete business solution.


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