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If you are in the aerial industry, Baseplan Enterprise can help manage the rental of all of your aerial equipment. From producing quotes for perspective clients to invoicing and delivering the machinery, Baseplan Enterprise can help manage each stage of the process for you.

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General Rental Industry

General Rental

Running a rental business involves much more than simply generating regular invoices. You need to have the resources to look after not only the financial side of the business but also the availability and maintenance of your equipment. With over 30 years of innovation as a rental software package, Baseplan Enterprise is the one true ERP Software Solution for your rental business.

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Crane Fleet Management


A deep understanding of your crane fleet; where they are and which company has rented them is imperative to running a successful crane business. The location for a crane can change from day to day with a crane rented by construction companies as required. Baseplan Enterprise allows you to keep track of the availability of your cranes with our drag and drop graphical calendar and integration with our field service technology allows invoicing to be handled on the go.

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Construction Management Software

Agricultural Industry

The farming industry can be tough enough without worrying about where your different agricultural equipment is, how long it has been used for and when its next servicing is due. Baseplan Enterprise allows you to manage your agricultural fleet remotely and in real-time, so that you are able to concentrate more on your produce and less about the equipment used to harvest it.

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Equipment Sales

Equipment Sales

Full integration between the Sales and Service module within Baseplan Enterprise, allows for a seamless transition from selling a piece of equipment to after sales servicing. The CRM allows your sales staff to stay abreast of each stage of the selling process while our flexible equipment maintenance software guarantees all your equipment is performing at its peak 24 hours a day.

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Construction Equipment Management


A construction site will slow to a standstill if the right equipment isn’t on site and in working order when needed. Whether you are a construction company or a rental company that rents out construction equipment, you will understand the benefits of having a seamless ERP Software Solution that has been tailor made to look after all aspects of construction equipment.

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Dealer Management Software

Dealership Management

Baseplan Software prides itself on the fact that our ERP Software has full integration between the sales and financial modules making it the perfect software solution for all dealerships needing a complete business solution. From administering different pricing models for different clients to shipping the machinery to the buyer, everything can be managed from inside Baseplan Enterprise.

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Forklift Fleet Management

Forklift Management

Efficient Forklift Fleet Management is crucial to running a large transport or warehousing company effectively. Baseplan Enterprise includes equipment and fleet management software that delivers real-time statics to understand how well your fleet is operating at any given moment. Combine this with the ability to access our Fleet Management Software in the office or out in the field and you have a powerful resource at your disposal.

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