Infor Software Alternatives for Equipment Rental & ERP Software

Infor is a popular global software company that builds SMB and Enterprise ERP software cloud products for industries. However, it's always healthy to compare alternatives to find the ERP software that's right for your business.

Here are five Infor software alternatives:

  1. Baseplan Software Group

For more than 30 years Baseplan Software Group has grown into a superb, full-service company that specializes in equipment and rental management software that is specifically designed to meet the needs of the industry. Their ultimate goal is to provide your company with software solutions that allow your team to drive more value to your customers. 

Baseplan has a unique system that is capable of offering your business a module based, tightly integrated, scalable, custom solution that meets the appropriate requirements of your business.

If you are a company who is extremely serious about profit and evolving with technology then Baseplan's ERP software is right for you.

  1. Wynne Systems

Wynne Systems was founded in 1991 and has grown to where its software is used in over 4,500 locations, and in 50 countries. Earlier development of RentalMan software has been partnered with RentalResult software, after merging with Result Group in 2015.  Thus, Wynne Systems became an important supplier of equipment rental software and tool tracking software, for the construction and rental businesses.

The company hosts an Innovation Council to explore new technologies, and to test them for use in our industry. Also, customer feedback is solicited for ideas on product improvements.

Even more, Wynne Systems has conferences of the top players in the industry, to get advance notice of new ideas and practices. Wynne Systems works constantly to improve its software products with the newest developments.

  1. In-Tempo

In-Tempo has software uniquely designed for the rental industry to maximize profits and to reduce costs.  Customer needs are processed quickly, and equipment inventory returns and transfers are accurately tracked, even with multiple locations.

Inventory is done in real time, without closing the business. In-Tempo software works well with major third-party products. The software also works well through a mobile app’, making key information about reservations, availability, and rates available to sales staff.

  1. Suite Engine

Suite Engine offers rental management software that can process any kind of billing, including in advance, in arrears, and utilization-based billing. Invoicing is just as adaptable, with pre-authorization and pro-forma invoicing, contract invoicing, equipment and parts sale invoicing, and batch invoicing.

Fleet asset management is easy, with ROI for each unit, while keeping maintenance schedules for equipment is painless. Accounting procedures are done by an industry standard, Sarbanes-Oxley compliant accounting function (by Microsoft), and extends to managing accounts receivables and payables, and accrued and deferred rental revenue calculations. In short, Suite Engine has many solutions to your business problems.

  1. ARM Software

ARM Software has many solutions to the problems of automating construction and heavy equipment rental. The company’s software is based on years of experience with the construction industry, and best practices of many rental organizations.

Their software is easy to use, but if you have problems, an account manager is available. Efficiency is improved by integrating financial, contracts, reservations, and inventory information.  Also, billing problems, including forgetting to bill customers, are solved.

And you’ll also benefit from the integration of other technologies into the software, like barcode and RFID scanner technology.  Software search features make it possible to know equipment reservations status, to prevent overbooking. In short, ARM Software makes it possible for you to grow your business.

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