The Ultimate Aerial Equipment Software Checklist

Welcome to the ultimate aerial equipment management software checklist.

This checklist was created to help in your search for the right aerial equipment software your business. At Baseplan, we have been providing equipment and rental management software for 32 years, so we’ve learned a thing or two on what to look for, and what you need.

The 32 point checklist below is extensive, so it has been broken up into their respective categories of Sales, Rentals, Service, Parts, and Financials.


The core of your Aerial Equipment Rental business revolves around two things, your product and sales.

Have a look at these items and see if they will be supported by your aerial equipment software.

  • Can the software manage high volumes of rentals and associated agreements?
  • Does the software allow for comprehensive transport management?
  • Will your software help with effective pre and post-rental inspections?
  • Does it support and drive sales?
  • Will it drive efficient management of equipment availability and planning?
  • Can the software integrate with telemetry providers?
  • Does it include intuitive tools, such as dashboards and advanced analytics to assist you in decision making?


As mentioned before, managing your rentals is one of the core elements of your business and your software needs to support it accordingly.

Below are some of the top needs your software should fulfill for your equipment rentals business.

  • Will the software easily plan and allocate equipment and resources to rental contracts?
  • Does it allow for flexible billing based on time, engine hours or employee-entered tickets?
  • Can the software process multi-line tickets to charge for multiple resources and job types on a single invoice?
  • Will it allow timesheet entries to integrate with Payroll and sub-contractors?
  • Can labor revenue and costs that are accrued be matched to the equipment rental?
  • Will the software planning calendar have the ability to match equipment availability and location with labor resources and operators, licensing, certifications and inductions?


Keeping your equipment in good condition is paramount to supplying customers with a safe and reliable product.

Below are some thoughts on what software should supply to help you make that a reality.

  • Can the software breakdown management right from customer call logging, through prioritization, planning and allocation to technician and job dispatch over the wire?
  • Will it proactively manage equipment condition through Service Scheduling, also known as Preventative Maintenance Plans?
  • Will it allow multiple scheduling and planning options, management of OEM product recalls and field service bulletins (FSB’s) for warranty and Preventative Maintenance?
  • Ability to attach Service Kits to Service Schedules?


Making sure your software is advanced enough to support a complex parts department is something your aerial equipment software can’t be without.

The checklist below will help to make sure that your software will properly support your parts department.

  • Is it possible to view extensive real-time utilization calculations via a wide range of reliable graphs, tables and charts?
  • Can data can also be easily exported to Excel?
  • Are book, tax, and finance depreciation held concurrently on each asset in the system?
  • Can assets can be joined or split as required?
  • Is an automatic disposal process for quick and efficient sale of assets possible in the software?
  • Will it allow your Assets Register to integrate with the General Ledger, Equipment Ledger, and Accounts Payable Ledger (in respect to finance leases)?
  • Will it maintain sub assets?
  • Put a “hold” on depreciation?
  • Revalue assets with full audit trails?


Your software needs to be able to connect all aspects of your business, especially the financial side.

Here are a few questions that your financial team will be asking when it comes to getting a new software system:

    • Are all financial transactions are recorded in real-time and linked back to the General Ledger?
    • Will you need to integrate to a 3rd party accounting system?
    • Will the General Ledger update in real-time and report up to the second financial data?
    • Can the software link together your quoting module and accounts payable with equipment specifications for a cohesive process with respect for engaging suppliers for tender?
    • Can budgets can be imported from Microsoft Excel and tracked in real-time against actual performance?
    • Is multi-currency is supported for customer and supplier facing transactions?

Want to make sure these items are checked off? Contact us to request a call with a Baseplan Professional.

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